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The Wicked Won't Go Unpunished

Dec 16, 2008, 6:05 AM | Article By: Nellie Touray

Our day of mourning is here again - 16 December. It used to be one of the happiest days of our lives, because it is the birthday of our dear Mum. But it has ironically become the worst day for us. It is on this day four years ago that those cowards snatched our dear Pa from us; they snatched him from us because they were afraid of what our dear Pa stood for - the truth.

Our lives have never been the same again since that tragic day. Our lives have been empty since those evil people assassinated our dear Pa. It is a pain that will never wear off. We are living with it, trying to cope and be ourselves but it is hard to be happy without our dear Pa, because he was such a good man who placed the welfare of others over and above his.

We know there is time for everything and a solution to every problem. Whoever the killers of our dear Pa are and wherever they are, they will always be called cowards. If they had the guts to kill, why can't they just come forward and identify themselves? Shame on them! Because they could not contend with our dear Pa's intellect, they resorted to the gun, a symbol of violence. Our dear Pa was a man of peace and of letters who believed that differences should be resolved through dialogue and reason, not violence as his cowardly murderers evidently cherish. Let them bear in mind they will be judged - justice will prevail someday. They might be free today, but will they be free forever? No evil act goes unpunished, just as every kind act is rewarded. I hope nemesis would be kinder to our Pa's killers than they were ever to him.

Pa, you died a martyr that is why your memory is evergreen; even in death you grow in stature every year. We are proud of you because you led a virtuous and purposeful life, striving for a better life for everybody who came in contact with you. You brought joy and hope to many people who otherwise would not have realised their dreams.

I would like to reiterate what our dear Mum said on the first anniversary of your gruesome murder. "If we have to choose all over again, we will still choose you, for you were a good friend, brother, uncle, dad, grand-dad, and above all else the best husband anyone could have asked for."