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APRI to hold clinical testing of diabetes, hypertension

Jun 17, 2010, 12:48 PM

The Association for Peace Building and Rural Improvement (APRI) will on Saturday 19th June 2010 conduct a one-day diabetes and hypertension-testing programme for the people of Duwasu village in Kombo East, Western Region.

The main reason for this community outreach programme, according to a statement from APRI, is to bring to the public attention some of the dangers associated with diabetes and hypertension, and to find a common platform in the fight against the ailment among the rural poor.

"In a world hunted by different types of dresses, diabetes and hypertension required collective efforts and prime importance as trends have indicated serious cases," the statement added.

According to a renowned Gambian doctor, diabetes and hypertension has reached epidemic proportion that millions of people all over the world today did not know they would have diabetes or hypertension.

For people who have developed the aforementioned diseases, periodic testing becomes a critical activity and it is in recognition of this medical and global reality that the Association for Peace Building and Rural improvement, in collaboration with a team of medical expert would like to launch its community outreach programme in Duwasu on Saturday June 19,2010.

"The Kombo East diabetes and hypertension testing will be Madam Tuti Faal's much anticipated return to public life as the former first lady of the Republic of The Gambia to serve the nation by helping the poor, the needy and the sick," the statement further stated.

APRI is a locally registered community driven non-government organisation established in April 2010, primarily to fulfil the childhood dream of Madam Tuti Faal to help and support financially compromised and less privileged women, children, the sick, orphans, widows, the disable and the most vulnerable members of society.

APRI also aimed to bring about lasting communal peace and sustainable development and the Duwasu charitable diabetes and hypertension-testing programme is one of many public awareness programmes set aside for this summer.

The Association for Peace Building and Rural Development (APRI) would collaborate with other agencies to ensure that women and children in the country have the opportunities to fulfil their God-given potential and contribute to the progress and prosperity of their respective society.

"As an association committed to the progress and prosperity of women, children, disable, widows and the most vulnerable people in our society, APRI as a fully registered non- governmental organisation has received the blessing of His Excellency, Sheikh, Professor, Doctor, Alhagie Yahya A.J.J Jammeh and that of the government of the Gambia", the release concluded.