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APRC task-force chairman hits back at Shyngle Nyassi

Jun 28, 2011, 1:05 PM | Article By: Sainey MK Marenah

The chairman of the newly-created Task-force Committee of the ruling APRC party, ahead of the 24th November presidential polls, has reacted to comments made recently by Shyngle Nyassi, National Organising Secretary of the opposition UDP.

Nyassi told this reporter that the ruling APRC has lost confidence in its National Mobiliser, KMC Mayor Yankuba Colley, and as a result formed a task-force committee to mobilize support for President Yahya Jammeh.

Jerreh Jatta, who called our office and requested for an interview to react to Nyassi’s comments, said yesterday that the task-force committee was formed to further strengthen the APRC party’s mobilization, and that all the activities of the committee have been done with the support of the National Mobiliser.

“We receive directives from the National Mobiliser on what to do, because he is part and parcel of those that give directives on our plans and objectives.

“This is just propaganda. We are in consultation with Colley, and he is directing us on all our plans. Even our activities are endorsed by him and the party’s high command,” Jatta told this reporter.

According to him, the aim of the task-force committee is to increase the winning percentage of the APRC party, come 24th November.

He said the idea of setting up the task force committee was conceived by party militants and the National Mobilzer as part of strategies in re-electing President Jammeh with at least 90-98% of the votes cast in the forthcoming elections.

“We organise activities through civic education, and sensitise people about the forthcoming elections and the importance of voter registration, because this is all about politics,” Jatta added.

A strong stalwart of the APRC, Jatta noted that one cannot win elections without voters voting.

He also stated that the task force committee is purely APRC and works closely with the National Mobiliser, whose advice and blessings, he said, led to the setting up of the task -force committee.

He noted that since its formation in April, the committee has embarked on activities including sensitization in the Kombos.

In Jatta’s view, incumbent President Jammeh has already won the forthcoming presidential elections. He stated that the task force is just there to increase his winning percentage.

“He won by 67% last election, but we want him to win this time around with 90-98%. We are out to increase the percentage,” he added

On whether the opposition camp in the country poses any threat to President Jammeh, Jatta said the opposition is not the question, even if they come together to form an alliance.

“Gambians have witnessed massive transformation, both economically and infrastructure-wise under President Jammeh, who has delivered beyond expectations,” he further stated.

For him, the APRC has no competitors in the political field as there is no credible opposition in the country.