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Apple Tree International holds annual speech-day

Jun 6, 2011, 2:48 PM | Article By: Lamin B. Darboe

Apple Tree International School in Kololi on Friday held its annual speech and prize-giving ceremony at their lower basic school grounds with Mohammed Jah CEO QuantumNet as guest speaker.

Speaking at the ceremony, Mr Jah said the ceremony was a time for students to reflect on the next steps to take in their life, and to navigate their lives through the trials of life to a successful adulthood.

"You have to be in school on time, do your homework on time, play when it is time for play, work hard when it is time to work, all these will give you knowledge in future," said Mr. Jah.

According to the Qcell CEO, these are the best ways of equipping oneself, adding that there are thousands of "your mates outside who do not have the opportunity you have today."

Mr Jah put it to the outgoing students that they must seize every opportunity to learn, keeping in mind that learning is not simply what one does to improve one's chances of getting employment, but it is also a moral and religious duty, "and it is when you perform your moral and religious duties that you reap the right rewards."

At this stage of your life, "you have all the rights to dream and when you dream, please dream big, but you cannot dream for something you don't know."

He said Apple Tree School is providing the right education to the future leaders of the country in order to prepare them for their future, while thanking the teachers of the school for their dedication and hard work.

It was once remarked that teachers are like candles, they burn themselves to create light for us all, so we can never really thank them enough, he concluded.

Giving his school's annual reports, the principal of the school Kogyan Owusu the 2010/2011 started on 16th September 2010 with 200 students enrolled at both Kindergarten and Nursery schools out of which 45 percent are boys and 55 percent are girls.

At the Lower Basic, Mr Owusu said 366 students were enrolled out of which 57 percent are boys and 43 percent are girls, and at high school level 268 students were enrolled out of which 50 percent were boys and 50 percent were girls.

The school official said that the total number of students enrolled at Apple Tree International School for the 2010/2011 academic year, from kindergarten to high school stands at 834 students, adding that the school is run by a formidable and dedicated staff comprising of 3 head teachers, 42 classroom teachers, 5 administrative staff, 10 ancillary workers and a principal.

For the National Assessment Test for Grades 3, 4 and 5 students at the said grades, principal Owusu said the school demonstrated high achievement levels in Maths, Science and Social and Environmental Studies, and he also highlighted great success in IGCSE at high school level.

The outgoing head-boy Ousman Bojang gave the vote of thanks, while Ms. Ndey Sillah co-proprietress of the school made the introductory remarks.

Prizes were presented to both students and the teachers for their hard work and dedication. The guest speaker Mohammed Jah also made a personal donation of Qcell mobile phones to some deserving students and teachers.