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Dec 14, 2016, 12:22 PM | Article By: Enusa Colley

It is with pleasure that I write to formally draw the attention of the Office of the President to a life threatening practice.

Your Excellency, Mr President it is out of fear for our lives as residents of a vicinity and passersby where students usually embark on dangerous driving for pleasure.

This specific area is the junction between West African International School (WAIS) and the Independence Stadium. Students usually drive in a stylish manner (U-turn, short curves and diving), thus putting the lives of pedestrians at risk. Some times we have to run away for our safety.

A few months ago it was some students of WAIS but this time around it is those from Glory Baptist School.

Your Excellency Sir, last year I walked into WAIS with a colleague and had dialogue with the Principal there. She promised that the school rules regarding student driving cars will be strictly applied.

However, to my dismay, I saw a similar practice within the same school a few months ago. Just last week I saw students from Glory Baptist School showing a similar behavior at the junction between the Independence Stadium and WAIS.

There are people who are ready to serve as witnesses if the police are willing to conduct a thorough investigation. I have already recorded details of the vehicles being used for the practice.

Your Excellency Sir, I consider it appropriate to approach you because the Principal of WAIS was engaged in dialogue, the Police Inspector General and the Minister of Basic and Secondary Education were notified of this practice through this medium(Newspaper) but the status co remains the same.

Your Excellency Sir, while hopping that my request will be given due consideration, I would like to assure you of my unflinching support in the course of national development.


Thank you,

Enusa Colley,

Bakau Mile 7.