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Amie’s Fashion and Style Shop on the spotlight

Aug 10, 2012, 12:02 PM

As part of taking the country s fashion and style industry to the highest level, Amie Kasseh Nyass is one of the high profile ladies who move The Gambia fashion and style industry with quality fashion materials.

Briefing Entertainment on Thursday at her office, Amie Kasseh said she works with the tourism industry for 22 years as a bar and restaurant managress, before entering the fashion industry.

“I left the tourism industry and joined the fashion industry, which I think is better for me,” Amie said.

According to her, most of the items came from Senegal and some parts of the European countries.

Majority of the items are for high profile ladies who normally focus on fashion and style.

She explained: “I also attended international trade fair, where I also participated. Before I become a hotel worker, I first attended the hotel training school from 1984 to 86.

“From there I travelled to Germany for seven years. Upon returning from Germany I then worked at the Kairaba Beach Hotel as bar and restaurant managress.

“I also worked at the Palm Beach Hotel and finally at Sultan Bar and Restaurant as managress.”