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Amicable solution is the right path

Apr 19, 2016, 9:57 AM

We are appealing once again to the government to release all political detainees, in the spirit of national reconciliation and peace.

The authorities should not waste time to make a statement concerning the political situation, which led to the arrest of the UDP leader Ousainou Darboe and other top brass of the party.

The authorities shouldrespond to shed light on allegations leveled against the government, especially as regards the condition of the three UDP members allegedly reported to be deadwhilst in custody,among themSolo Sandeng.

The initial arrests of the detainees took place on Thursday 14 April 2016.

Government should come out with a statement to confirm or deny the allegation, which has sparked more interest and concern from the general public and international bodies such as the United Nations, Amnesty International and other members of the international community.

It is essential to note that silence breeds lots of rumours and speculations.And this is not good for the image of the country.

Whenever there is a problem or trouble, the authorities should not waste time to explain to the people the situation or what has happened.

The government or the authorities are elected by the people, and it is the right of the people to know what is happening, especially when the situation is edgy.

Gone are the days that authorities would shy away or refuse to put the media in the know, since the media plays a vital role in society.

Meanwhile, it is also advisable that the detainees are not subjected to torture, and they should be charged or released within 72 hours.

"Let’s promote peace and unity among ourselves."

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