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Ambassador of China and Cuba agree to strengthen bilateral relations, with Gambia

Jan 23, 2020, 1:15 PM

Banjul, Jan. 22. - The  Chinese Ambassador, Ma Jianchun, and Cuban Ambassador, Rubén G. Abelenda, agreed here to strengthen bilateral ties, insist on the rejection of the US blockade. Against the Caribbean Island, and continue collaboration with this nation of West Africa.

In a meeting on Tuesday at the Headquarters of the official mission of the Greater Antilles in Banjul, Ambassador  Jianchun and Abelenda expressed the willingness of their respective governments to intensify the ties of friendship in 2020, when 60 years of the establishment of relations will be completed diplomats between the two countries.

The Chinese Ambassador reiterated the position of the highest authorities of the Asian giant to continue supporting Cuba in its fight against the prolonged and harsh blockade imposed by Washington for six decades, in addition to increasing cooperation with the Caribbean archipelago dean, and with nations developing Africans like Gambia.

For his part, the host Diplomat stressed the gratitude of his government for the historic position of China, and also of the Gambia, against the illegal economic, commercial and financial siege of the United States. To Cuba.

He also told his interlocutor that while others insist on making wars, blocking, sanctioning, threatening, and meddling in the affairs of other States, China and Cuba provide solidarity to the nations of the South for the benefit of the development of peoples.

In the friendly and cordial appointment, both Diplomats talked about possible future joint cooperation projects with this West African country.

The meeting was also attended by the Head of the Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC), Anaris Martha Odio, and officials of the Chinese Embassy in Banjul.