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'Ally Day and Night Restaurant'

Jul 10, 2009, 9:14 AM

'Ally Day and Night Restaurant' mainly for food and drinks recently opened in Banjulinding village, Kombo North Western Region. 'Ally Day and Night Restaurant', located about 10 metres from the highway is one of the fastest growing areas in the town of Banjulinding.

Speaking in an interview with The Point's entertainment writer, Mr. Macaulay, the manager of Ally Day and Night Restaurant', said the newly established restaurant is currently serving its best to its customers without hitting their pockets hard or event imposing expensive fees.
According to the manager, the restaurant is conducive and offer standard African and European dishes. "The restaurant offers grilled chicken with chips, bread, ladyfish, grilled, beefsteak, pizza margarita, pizza mexican and one of the addition to the galaxy of fine eateries in town.

I encourage you to try this place.