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Alleged forgery case continues

Mar 8, 2013, 10:31 AM | Article By: Malamin L.M .Conteh

The forgery and conspiracy case involving Abdou William, Musa Jobe, Tida Badjie, and Temple Godson, proceeded recently at the Special Criminal Court in Banjul before Justice Emmanuel Nkea.

It continued with the evidence of one Zaina Faal, who was called by the 1st accused, Abdou William, as a defence witness.

Faal told the court he lives in Serrekunda, and he knows all the accused persons, except the 3rd accused, Tida Badjie.

He adduced that William came to his workplace with one Ousman Manjang, and Manjang told him they had a job to do, that they wanted to print a licence.

He said he showed them the sample, and further told them he needed a graphic designer, adding that at that point he contacted Godson.

The witness adduced that Temple Godson was jobless at that time.

“When I asked them to know where the job emanated from, William told me that Manjang is the agent,” he said, adding that he was convinced by the position of the accused persons, to do the job.

“I told the 2nd accused that I am very responsible. I did not want to put myself in problem. They told me that there is no problem and that the job is safe,” the witness explained.

At that juncture, he said, Musa Jobe brought out a GRA sticker and he told him this could not be used, because it has a security printing, and he rejected it.

“The 2nd accused then asked me what about the first one, I told him, if it is properly designed,” he testified, saying few days later, the 2nd accused and Ousman Manjang came to his office, and gave him a sample.

“I then contacted a graphic designer, who was Godson, and Godson after looking at the sample, said he could do it, and charged them D25,000.  I informed Manjang and William about the price that Godson charged,” the defence witness told the court.

The defence witness further adduced that the money was brought by Ousman Manjang, and after few days, Godson came with a format, which he gave to Manjang, and Manjang confirmed that the format was perfect.

“I also charged them for printing because I also printed 20 copies of the licence list,” he explained, adding that he made a statement to that effect at the police.

The case continues.