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Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Concludes National Annual Conventions of Elders, Women and Children

Mar 6, 2017, 10:30 AM


By the grace of Allah Almighty the 10th National Annual Convention of Majlis Ansarullah, The Gambia the elderly men wing of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat started on Saturday 18th February 2017, it was the very day that The Gambia celebrated her 52nd Independence anniversary and concluded on Monday 20th February 2017. The elders were requested to pray for the peace, stability, progress and harmony of the country.

Delivery his closing remarks on Monday 20th February 2017, the Amir Baba F. Trawally addressed the elders reminded them about the importance of Salat, which is the very fundamental teaching of Islam, the very reason for our creation and what best way can we worship Allah Almighty than Salat which also happens to be the second pillar of Islam. Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran Chapter 2:22

O ye men, worship your Lord Who created you and those who were before you, that you may become righteous.  Then in other parts of the Holy Quran, He told us how to worship Him. In Chap 2:44 Allah Almighty says: And observe Prayer and pay the Zakat, and bow down with those who bow.

Allah Almighty has commanded that the very best way we should worship Him is through prayers which is the bedrock and foundation of every other type and manner of the worship of Allah. Hence He emphasises the observance of prayers in many parts of the Holy Quran. So as true servants of the Almighty Allah, we should always be regular and punctual in our Salat. As elders of the Jamaat we should set the standard and be exemplary to the younger ones. Prayer purifies our souls and cleanses us from all sins and dirt, makes us righteous, gives us peace of mind, comfort of the heart and through it we can attain the nearness of Allah Almighty and be winners of His pleasure.

Regarding this we find in a Hadith in Sahih Bukhari that the Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) was reported to have once asked his Companions that “If there was a river at someone’s door and he took a bath in it five times a day, would you notice any dirt on him?” They said, “Not a trace of dirt would be left.” The Holy Prophet Muhammad(SAW) said, “That is the parable of the five prayers by which Allah removes sins.”

The Amir quoting the Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdias regarding the subject said: The Promised Messiah and Imam Mahdi (on whom be peace) said that “Salat alone is the virtue that dispels satanic weaknesses and that Satan wishes man to stay away from Salat because he knows it is Salat that would purify man. Fasting [during Ramadan] comes once every year and Zakat is for the well-off to observe, however, Salat is for everyone and should be observed, seeking Allah’s bounties for the treasures of Allah are always brim-full all that is needed is the certainty that one is standing before an All-hearing, All-Seeing Being Who can provide in a spilt second if He so wishes. Just as a soldier would never surrender his best weapon in a battlefield Salat is the most excellent weapon for a believer and a believer should safeguard it at all costs”.

Speaking earlier at the opening session of the Convention, the National President of Majlis Ansarullah The Gambia, Brother Boido Kandeh welcomed the participants at the Ijtema and told them that as elders, they should be strong and actively participate in all Jamaat activities and also show great examples to others. He also gave them a brief report on the activities of Majlis Ansarullah The Gambia throughout the year.

Other speakers at the event included Bro. Musa Sanneh, Bro. Demba S. Bah, on the topics, The Holy Quran as a Divine Revelation and Its Protection Against Corruption, The Holy Prophet Muhammadsaw as a Statesman and as a Mercy for the Universe, Institution of Khilafat: Types and Blessings of Khilafat and Hazrat Imam Mahdias: Resemblance with Hadhrat Issaas and Signs of Advent respectively. Heads of the Senegalese and Guinea Bissau delegates also gave statements. The Ijtema was attended by almost 200 Ansar from all over the country, and delegations from Senegal and Guinea Bissau.

The 12th National Annual Ijtema of Lajna Imaillah The Gambia on Friday 24th and Saturday 25TH February 2017 at Baitus Salam Mosque, Talinding

Delivering his closing address on Saturday 25th February 2017, the Amir Baba F. Trawally, stating the role of women in National development and that of their communities said:

As women, you have a very important role to play in both national development and that of your communities.

Men and women are equal in the sight of Allah Almighty what matters is righteousness but in the view of the differences in their nature, they have been assigned different roles for the smooth function of the human society. Women in particular have a crucial role to play in our society as they have the unique ability to bear children and nurture them which when done perfectly, lays the foundation stone to a great nation with high moral standards, kindness and respect to humanity. Women are one segment of humanity and can occupy three positions in the society.

First as a daughter, her importance is such that the Holy Prophet Muhammadsaw tells us that “He who brings up his daughters well, and makes no distinction between them and his sons will be close to me in paradise”

Secondly, a woman can be a wife and play a great role in the establishment of a man’s character in society so much so that it is said by the Holy Prophet Muhammadsaw that “the best among you is one who behaves best to his wife”

Thirdly, in her role as a mother, Islam has placed women at a higher status than men as “Paradise is under the feet of the mother”. Islam is not a religion that seizes the rights of women but rather a religion that recognizes the right of women to the fullest and also the great role that women have in in the upbringing of children and the future of mankind depends on women.

The Holy Prophet Muhammadsaw went further to say that Seeking for knowledge is obligatory upon both Muslim men and women.

So looking at all these noble sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, we come to understand the great role women have to play in the development of our nation and society. For those going to school, always aim for the highest in your studies, don’t be satisfied just by completing grade 12, but aim higher for University education because that is very important as the saying goes “educate a man and you have educated one person but educate a woman and you have educated the whole world”.

You should always remain just, modest, and respectful people of the society, because no nation can be developed without the positive contribution of women.

Later speaking on the importance of Salat, Amir Sahib told the gathering that our beloved Hudhur His Holiness Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V(ATBA) in his recent Friday Sermons of 20th and 27th January 2017 has stressed the importance of Salat citing that children should be shown great examples by their parents in this regard. So as parents, especially mothers and elders of the Jama’at, you should always show great examples to our children and guide them on the right path.

Speaking earlier during the opening session on Friday 24th February 2017, the Sadr (National President) of Lajna Imaillah (Women Wing) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat The Gambia, sister Musukebba Jarjue advised the participant especially the mothers on how to bring up their children in the proper Islamic way. She later stressed to the younger ones to always be respectful and know how to approach the elders. She went further to advised them to always be mindful of what type of dresses they wear and how they behave in society.

She advised the gathering that as women of the Jamaat they have a project to build a mosque in the country, citing that they should try their best to contribute towards the building of the said mosque even it will be paying one dalasi each. It will InshaAllah be the first mosque in the country to be built by women.

Advising the children, she told them to always be sympathetic to their fellows and always share with their friends, telling them that if you take enough money for school lunch and you have a friend who is less fortunate, call her aside and in secret give her something.

Other speakers at the event included Sister Fatoumata A. Bah, Sist. Sadia Sajid, Sist. Shafia Zaheer and Sist. Qanita Kinteh, on the topics, The Importance of Salat, Importance of Purdah (veil), The Essence of Modesty respectively.

About 500 women and girls attended the Ijtema from all over the country and a delegation from Guinea Bissau as well.

The 6th National Annual Waqf-e-Nau  Ijtema  The Gambia on Sunday 24th February 2017 at Baitus Salam Mosque, Talinding

The Waqf-e-Nau Ijtema (children devoted for the propagation of Islam) The Gambia was successfully held on Sunday 26th February 2017 which also coincided with the same type of event held by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat UK which was addressed by the Khalifa.

In his closing address, the Amir Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat Respected Baba F. Trawally advising the children told them that as Waqf-e-Nau, (children devoted for the propagation of Isam) they are very special children and should always be exemplary and set the highest standard of moral qualities. He went on to tell them that:

“You should always be very respective to your parents and teachers, listen to your elders, and participate keenly in your studies at both school and daara. You should always be praying for yourselves, the Khalifa, your parents and friends as well. One very important quality of a Waqf-e-Nau should be that he/she should always speak the truth and also advise his friends to always speak the truth. You should also be very regular in your Salat as well”.

Advising the parents of the children who were in attendance, Amir Sahib said, “the advice to we the parents is that after devoting the lives of our children, we should play a great deal in both their moral and spiritual developments. We should make sure that these children receive the best education and also that they are doing well at their Daara as well. These children are special and should be looked after with care, love and compassion. We should always make sure that they are studying the Waqf-e-Nau Syllabus accordingly”.

In conclusion, the Amir advised the children to always write letters to the Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat His Holiness Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih V(ATBA) through which he said they will develop a personal bond and love with the Khalifa.

Other speakers at the event included, Ustaz. Syed Saeedul Hassan Shah, Ustaz Abdourahman Cham and Brother Bilal Jawo who gave the annual report. The Ijtema was attended by 261 participants.

Academic competitions and sports were held at all three events Ijtemas (conventions).

Amir Sahib in his closing remarks at all three events conveyed the salam and special prayers of His Holiness Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih’s V(ATBA)  to all participants and the entire country and  stated that His Holiness is continuously praying for our dear and beloved country The Gambia.

He also went further to request participants to continue to pray for the Khalifa of the time, the Jama’at, our dear and beloved country and the whole world at large and that may Allah Almighty always establish and maintain peace, security, tranquillity, harmony, success and progress in our great country The Gambia and be with us at all times. Finally he prayed for their safe return home. Ameen


Yours Sincerely

Ibrahima Jam Jawo

National Secretary Publications