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Abundance Fund on right track

Feb 24, 2010, 11:31 AM

From what's seen on the ground at various project sites one can draw a conclusion that the Abundance Fund's projects in The Gambia are indeed on the right track.

Abdudance Fund is an American NGO working in the country, and they are behind a well-managed beekeeping project in Njan Sanjal, that strives for income-generation and reforestation.  With such projects in mind, they would no doubt provide sustainable sources of manageable income for beekeepers, and consistent supply of honey and wax for sale. It would also create employment opportunities for the rural people.

The community garden in Kerewan is another success story of the fund. The agricultural sector is one of the most important sectors of the Gambian economy.

With the importance of agriculture to The Gambia's economy, eco-friendly farming practices are essential to make people's lives more prosperous.

The recent visit to the project sites by the officials of Abundance Fund is a step in the right direction and we commend them for their contribution to the socio-economic development of The Gambia.

The visit had no doubt given the team the opportunity to have a firsthand knowledge of the areas their funds are being utilised. 

We urge them to consider expanding their programmes to other parts of the country.

Our commendation also goes to the beneficiary communities for their active participation in the projects. To eradicate poverty, we must involve the rural people who are feeling the chunk of poverty.

We, however, encourage those benefitting from the Abdunce Fund to work hard to ensure that the projects are sustained.