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A quantum leap in CRR

Jan 13, 2016, 9:43 AM

It is a quantum leap in our development drive that the people of Jafai Kuta village in the Central River Region have just been blessed with 40 solar lights in that part of the country.

This undertaking was sponsored by St Botoph Boston Rotary Club through Gambia Experience Community Development fund.

This is a big boost to the country’s infrastructure drive as the initiative would bring about massive development for the people of that region.

Light or power, which cannot be overemphasised, is a game changer to life and the growth of a people in any community as its benefits cut across many facets of life. Its availability in any human dwellings can impact on the economic, education and social life of those people.

With such development in the community of Jafai Kuta – as has been done in some other parts of the country - more business creation and expansion can be realised, which would reflect positively on the overall economy of the country.

Education would also be enhanced among the people of the village and region, especially among school-going children, who will now be able to study for longer hours and carry out other educational activities.

The operations of health facilities will also be given added impetus as health delivery service will be handled much better than before.

Security and safety will also be boosted as thievery and other social vices will seriously be put under check and reduced in the community.

These and many other positives will be realised with the setting up of the solar lights in Jafai Kuta and environs.

The sponsor and facilitator Botoph Position Rotary Club and Gambia Experience must be commended for the support to Gambia’s development drive.

This support lighting programme, by ComAfrique International (CII) and the ‘Light Up a Village’ Initiative is worthy of commendation.

The example should be emulated by other private sector entities in the country. It is impossible for government to carry or roll out all the work and services that can bring about national development.

The country serves as a resource pool and material benefit to all the people and institutions that live in it; so all must endeavour to contribute their bit to its growth and development.

“All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual.”

Albert Einstein

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