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A Lesson in the Importance of Media

Mar 2, 2009, 5:00 AM

Young People in the Media yesterday held an intergenerational dialogue forum in front of the UNIQUE FM radio station Bakau. The dialogue was organised in conjunction with the UNICEF Banjul office and UNIQUE FM. The importance of dialogue cannot be over emphasised. Only through dialogue can we find solutions to our problems and find how to best meet the needs of our young people.

The events were organised in part to celebrate International Children's Day of Broadcasting. This is an annual event that allows children to be part of the programming and production process and to talk about their dreams, fears, hopes and the challenges of life. These are very important topics and it is essential that young people be given the forum to discuss these issues. 
Young people need to have a voice and it is very important that they be taught that the media can give them this voice not only as young people but when they themselves become adults. Through the media all opinions can be voiced to promote dialogue, discussion and find solutions to problems. It is essential that we show young people how to properly use the media so it works to their best advantage. Through this they will grow to love the media and what it can offer them in terms of fighting for their rights and the rights of others. To all involved in this event we say well done and to the young people involved we say learn your lessons well and never forget the importance of a free and fair media.