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38 Police Officers Decorated

Sep 17, 2008, 5:35 AM | Article By: By Bakary Samateh

At least 38 police officers of The Gambia Police Force (GFP) were on Friday promoted to various ranks, ranging from chief superintendent, superintendent assistant superintendent to rank commissioner. The promotions took place at ceremony held at the police headquarters in Banjul. Two officers were promoted to rank of police commissioner, three other officers to rank of deputy commissioner, five officers to rank to rank chief superintendent, 10 to rank of superintendent and 18 to rank of assistant superintendent.

Speaking at the decoration ceremony Secretary of state for interior Hon. Ousman Sonko, asserted that in The Gambia security services promotion is entirely based on hard work and commitment.

SOS Sonko pointed out that the promotion is sometimes based on merit, which the officers get from the ground or even sometimes at the training ground. Speaking earlier on, Inspector General of Police Ensa Badgie thanked all the promoted officers.  He said promotion is always determined your challenges. He said if an officer is promoted you are always ready to face the challenges during the course of delivering your services and those who are not promoted doesn't meant that they would not promoted. He asserted that promotion is a table, "today it could be you tomorrow it could somebody else," he said.

The decoration attracted all the security chiefs, LT. Yankuba Drammeh for deputies for CD's.