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Community Based Facilitators empowered to join Campaign to end FGM in Lower and Central Baddibu Districts

Apr 21, 2015, 9:59 AM

GAMCOTRAP targeted 50 Community Based Facilitators from Lower and Central Baddibu Districts who have been awarded certificates for participating in a three day capacity building workshop held at Kerewan in the North Bank Region of the Gambia.The workshop is part of the two year project funded by the United National Trust Fund to end Violence against Women (UN Women) in partnership with GAMCOTRAP.

In his opening speech, the Chief of Lower Baddibu, Fabala Fadia Kinteh noted the importance of knowledge to empower others. He asserted that with awareness more people now know that FGM is not a religious practice.He advised participants to get the facts on FGM and religion to be effective in their fulfilling their respective roles as community based facilitators. Chief Kinteh said the participants are trusted members of their communities and called on them to be committed to the campaign to end FGM in their communities. He observed that women have been left behind due to lack of education and became victims of early marriage. He noted thatwith education women can build their capacities and take up leadership.

The participants were exposed to modules on community work and skill in advocacy and social mobilization, harmful traditional practices, religion and FGM, children and women’s rights and religion, and sexual and reproductive health and rights amongst others to build their capacity as Community Based Facilitators to engage in the project for advancing women’s rights to end harmful traditional practices through rights education in Lower and central Baddibu districts.It could be recalled that this is the 6th batch of Community Based Facilitators GAMCOTRAP have trained in different parts of the country to sustain the campaign in their communities.