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3 died, 13 injured in Brikama road accident

Jun 27, 2017, 9:35 AM

Three people died and thirteen others seriously injured when a ‘Gele-Gele’ and a truck collided at Brikama Nyambai Forest Friday afternoon, the police public relations officer said.

Inspector Foday Conta said the collision happened when the Mercedes Benz ‘Gele-Gele’, coming from Serekunda end going to Cassamance for ‘Koriteh’ (Eidul Fitr), attempted to overtake three vehicles at a time while the commercial truck was also coming from the opposite direction, Brikama end.

“Two people lost their lives on the spot,” he said, adding that the accident occurred exactly at Balast Nedam bridge at the entrance of Nyambai Forest in Brikama.

The third person was pronounced death at Brikama Health Centre, the police PRO added.

He further pointed out that the 13 others who sustained “serious injuries” were referred to Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul for medical treatment.

However, the two drivers were discharged from the hospital as their injuries were not serious.  They are currently helping the police in the investigation.

Meanwhile, the office of the Inspector General of Police, through the police PRO, warned all drivers, especially commercial drivers, to be cautious and always observe traffic rules and regulations.

The office further advised drivers to avoid “unnecessary over-speeding” and keep regular maintenance of their vehicle as safety precautions to avoid accident.