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27 arrested, remanded over URR land dispute

Jul 13, 2012, 12:49 PM

Police in the Upper River Region (URR) have arrested and remanded 27 people from the village of Demba Kunda Kuto in a fight over land that left four people injured.

The move, according to our source, stems from a land dispute between the Demba Kunda Kuta and Demba Kunda Koto villages, in which a ruling was made in favour of Demba Kunda Koto.

However, our source added, despite the court ruling, the villagers of Demba Kunda Kuto mobilized themselves and attacked the villagers of Demba Kunda Koto, during which four people were seriously injured.

When contacted yesterday, Alhagie Omar Khan, Governor of the Upper River Region, confirmed the incident.

Governor Khan also confirmed to this paper that those arrested have been remanded at the Jangjangbureh prison in the Central River Region.