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24-year-old’s leg to be cut, if...

Mar 21, 2013, 10:09 AM | Article By: Yusuf Ceesay

The leg of one Muhammed Samara, aged 24, would soon be cut if he failed to go abroad for further treatment.

Samara, who walked into The Point Offices on Tuesday said he would soon become disable, if he could not secure help to go abroad for further treatment.

According to medical report obtained from the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital (RVTH), Samara is suffering from a severe and chronic osteomyelitis on his right leg to the knee joint.

The report states that the patient needs an urgent amputation or knee disarticulation. However, he is also referred to a consultant surgeon (Orthopaedic) to further review and manage his heath situation.

Speaking in an interview, with this reporter, the patient said he was suffering from a wound on his right leg for almost six years now.

He revealed that the problem started when he went to play football and all of a sudden his leg started to swell.

According to him, he was admitted at the RVTH for nine months and was told to be amputated which he did not want.

“I am a student and I am very young and wanted to further my education,” he added, saying he was told by his doctors that he was not suffering from diabetes or cancer and that he could still get better without cutting the legs provided he got overseas treatment.

The young boy, who  has lost both his parents, said his family could not pay his medical bills for overseas treatment.

“My situation got worst and people are running away from me due to the severity of my leg,” he said in tears.

He finally appealed to the government, NGOs individuals, philanthropists among others to come to his help.

According to Lamin Jarju, who is now hosting the abandoned young man, Muhammed has been looking for help, but to no avail.

Meanwhile anyone, or institution who wishes to give help can simply phone: 0220 9131073 or 0220 7133482 or better still via email to thepoint13@yahoo.com.