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The Gambia Our Homeland book ready for use

Jul 15, 2022, 11:26 AM | Article By: Yunus S Saliu

A new published book called The Gambia Our Homeland – The National Anthem, authored by Paul T Mendy is ready for use.

The 44-page book gives an in-depth meaning to The Gambia National Anthem for the better understanding of the general public.

It’s divided into 19 chapters which among are For the Gambia Our Homeland, We Strive and Work and Pray, Freedom and Peace Each Day, Let Justice Guide Our Action, Brief History and it also contains vocabulary section.

The author, in the book, carefully interpreted the national anthem word to word, line by line with well analysis for every citizen and non-citizen that has the opportunity to read the book to understand the real meaning of the national anthem, while the ‘content of the book resonates with the tremendous efforts made by, by not only the government but also international institutions for people to invest, cultivate and nurture peaceful coexistence and national cohesion in a bid to make sustainable development a national reality.’

Commenting on this special book, Historian and Curator, Hassoum Ceesay said the Gambia national anthem is one of the greatest national identities of the country.

Going on history lane, he said, a few months before Independence, on 118 February 1965, there was a competition for the writing of the national anthem, together with designing a flag coat of arms, “many people, Gambians and non-Gambians sent in their entries. Mr J Howe, Commissioner for one of the administrative divisions (now called regions), won the national anthem competition. His wife wrote the lines of the anthem while a Gambian ‘griot,’ Jali Nyima Suso of Bakau, provided the tune from his famous song, Foday Kabba. This has shown a collaborative effort and a demonstration of our diverse history.”

The author, Paul T Mendy, said the idea of giving good interpretation to the national anthem was developed in 2013 and now the printing of the book is completed and ready for every individual.

Hence it is a book that discussed one of the country’s identities he said the book will also be presented to relevant authorities.

The writer who is seeking for the patronage of the general public called on everyone to assist authors in their works by buying their books as this will increase the knowledge of readers and also encourages authors to write more.

Paul T Mendy, is a Gambian trained under the Christian Missionary Foundation School of Mission in Ibadan Nigeria and was ordained Pastor, on his return to The Gambia in 2000. Among other, he holds a Diploma in Missions from Christian Missionary Foundation, School of Missions Nigeria. He also holds a Certificate in Leadership and Community Transformation (ALICT) South Africa.