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Bass Njai music foundation centre opens for business

Mar 4, 2022, 1:40 PM

In an effort to contribute to national development in the area of music and culture in the country, Bass Njai Music Foundation Centre has been officially opened at Brufut San To Su.

The ceremony was witnessed by community elders of Brufut and its surrounding. It was also graced by Gambia’s Kora king Jaliba Kuyateh.

Bass Njai, Chief Executive Officer of the centre said the foundation of music is a non-profit making organisation, designed to educate and inspire the younger generation with modern musical instruments which are not only recognized in The Gambia but worldwide.

The Foundation he added intends to become a centre of excellence, forging a new approach to music education in The Gambia and creating a fertile ground for students to thrive and achieve success in their chosen field. He added that interaction between students and teachers will be encouraged, with a view to promoting dedication and confidence towards gaining a full understanding of musicianship and professionalism.

He explained that the Foundation will also serve the wider community, reaching out to schools by providing visiting teachers and students, offering lessons, presentations and performances to encourage and inspire the next generation.

The primary vision underpinning the creation of the BNMFC is to expand and promote Gambia’s presence on the world music stage and to educate, train and prepare the next generation of Gambian musicians to achieve success and livelihood in that arena.  

To provide a unique educational approach that has creative teaching and learning in its bloodstream and has a pastoral approach that focuses on the individual reaching their full potential. He thanked all those who attended the ceremony.

 BIOGRAPHY of Bass Njai

Two years ago, Bass Njai, returned from several years worked in Denmark, to complete the building of a three story building in Brufut, with the focused intent of creating a revolutionary new music school in Gambia - for Gambians.

Ten years of consistent work have led to the completion of the school, which is now equipped and ready to welcome students. Bass is himself a seasoned musician with experience dating back to his upbringing Bakau where he learned from and was inspired by musicians in that area. Bass and friends formed the popular traditional band called Kunta Kinteh which played a strong role in making music more accessible to everyone in Gambia.

He later expanded his experience in Denmark where he taught African percussion and became leader of the acclaimed performing band Molu.

During that time in Denmark, Bass never forgot his vision of returning to Gambia to create a music school that would provide education and facilities for promising young musicians, with a view to cultivating and enhancing their potential to become professional performers, both in Gambia and internationally.