Italian volleyball coach welcomes five years contract agreement 

Apr 28, 2021, 11:17 AM

Volleyball Coach Roberto Farinelli, an Italian has recently signed a-five-year coaching contract with the National Female Volleyball team.

He sent messages of gratitude and thanked the Ministry of Youths and Sports, The Gambia Volleyball Federation and Goodwill Ambassador H.E Tijan Jaiteh for facilitating the contract deal.

Mr. Farinelli said he welcomes the gesture and an opportunity for both parties to work together in developing volleyball in The Gambia.

“I am very happy for the official signing of the contract between my coaching staffs, Gambia Volleyball Federation and the Gambia Government,’’ he said.

“I cannot wait to start working with the National Female Volleyball Team to prepare for the inter-nations events and other games,’’ he added.

According to officials, Mr. Farinelli will be the head coach and two of his coaching team will soon jet to The Gambia along with him. Goodwill Ambassador Tijan Jaiteh said Mr. Farinelli will be accompanied with his assistance Mr. Marco Saldi, and Riccardo De Dominicis.

H.E. Jaiteh described the contract signature as a rare opportunity that will save government from spending millions of dalasi. He further said the Gambia government through the National Sports Council will be responsible for his accommodation, local transport and other logistics.

International soccer star and former scorpion captain Tijan Jaiteh has been making efforts to bring changes in the sports arena not only football but other areas in sports.

He, however, expressed great concern about the welfare of youth and those that have talent in sports.

He emphasised that his time and energy will be dedicated to youth of these nation, saying he was a servant to the people of The Gambia.

According to information sealed in the contract document, the Italian coach and his team will prepare a training plan for the female national volleyball team, scouting of competent players and carrier out other school developmental programmes.