GWA fines Leket, France and others wrestlers

Jun 23, 2021, 12:43 PM | Article By: Arfang M.S. Camara

The Gambia Wrestling Association (GWA) in accordance with Article 8(and d) and 24 of their constitution has fined some wrestlers together with their clubs for violating the rules of the game during their bouts organised by Jam Production on Sunday 13 June 2021, held at the Independence Stadium in Bakau.

France and Club Banjul Saku Ham Ham are fined with the sum of D9,600 for entering through the gate with 12 extra people; D3000 for having three extra people in the ring and D2000 for lighting fire – totaling D14,600.

According to the association, France is strongly warned of his future conducts as he attempted to attack the referee at the end of his bouts. However, the security and members of his Club intervened on time to prevent him from making another huge mistake.

“As an experienced wrestler, you are always expected to uphold the principle of fair play and respect rules and regulations of the game.”

Leket and Club Barra are fined to pay D11, 200 for entering with extra 14 people and D2000 for lighting fire – making it D13, 200 in total.

Garga and Barra Njie are suspended indefinitely from entering any wrestling ground under the supervision of the GWA.

The association noted that Garga was uncontrollable, holding a big sharp horn after attacking and beating people and threatening to stab them.

The GWA mentioned that Barra Njie was also very violent as he hit one of their (GWA) members, noting that he too was warned several times earlier.

In a similar development, The Gambia Wrestling Association in accordance with article 8, 23 and 24 of their constitution, also fined Jam Promotion and other wrestlers.

Jam Promotion is fined to pay D2000 for lighting fire at the Stadium and for disgracing some important guests at the VIP gate by one of his (Jam Promotion) staff.

Bala Niamina is also fined in the sum of D2, 500 for pouring charms on his opponent.

Boga of Serrekunda Gum Sa Rew is fined in the sum of D800 for entering the stadium gate with an extra individual.

Boy Nyang of Club Serrekunda Mbolo is fined in the sum of D1,600 for entering the stadium with two extra people.

Euma Saine of Club Ndongo Ceesay is fined in the sum of D500 for wrong placement of ‘chumukai’.

Baba Buwasor of Club Bundung Kai Bakh is fined in the sum of D1000 for lighting fire.

Etoil of Club Nema Saku Ham Ham is fined in the sum of D1000 for roaming with someone and CFA of Club Tallinding Japoo is also fined in the sum of D1000 for similar offense (for roaming with one extra person).