Tribute to The Gambia

Dec 9, 2021, 12:03 PM

The Gambia, our Mother Land, I have always been proud of you. But today you have made me much more proud in the face of the entire world. Once again, the whole world turned its beaming attention with a respectably incredible number ofObservers coming from all four corners of the world to witness the consolidation and re-confirmation of your democratic credentials with maturity and decorum. You have not just done it very well, but also peacefully. Congratulations to all Gambians and congratulations to the winner!

I particularly pay tribute to the women and the youth who mobilised massively to make it happen againafter successfully booting out the longstanding dictatorship, exactly five (5) years ago in an unprecedented fashion. You may not realise the extent of your action. Let me say with unreserved confidence, you have raised the Gambian democratic credentials to higher heights, especially within the ECOWAS region. How lucky you were, as you remained steadfast, picked the pebbles, and voted. I wish I had the opportunity to do the same and be part of this history.

In normal circumstances,the electorate would have been expected to vote for patriotism, independence, integrity, maturity, humility, and wisdom. But given the circumstances that led to the election, the majority of the electorate decided to vote for peace, stability, and a sense of belonging. No policy is greater than peace, stability, and a sense of belonging to The Gambia. This is what, in a great deal, decided the election yesterday.

I want to appeal to candidate Lawyer A.N.M. Ousainou Darbo. You are a champion of democracy and so you shall remain. You stood against the dictatorship for 22 years for the sake of democracy and human rights. You sacrificed your freedom in 2016, paving the way for the regained democracy in the Gambia. I commend your courage and commitment and so do many Gambians. You will, forever, be remembered alongside other stakeholders, as the architect of freedom and democratic renaissance in The Gambia.

My plea: remain magnanimous. The game is over, final results have been declared. Simply pick up the phone and concede your defeat. You have nothing to lose in doing so, but everything to gain. Your name will forever and ever remainingrained in the history of democracy in The Gambia. Do it for the sake of The Gambia you love, and that we all love.