Tribute: Alhagie Momodou Njie, aka BiriBiri --The Indisputable King of Gambian Soccer

Jul 22, 2020, 11:52 AM

INNA LILLAAHI WA INNA ILAIHI RAJEOON [We come from ALLAH and onto ALLAH we shall return].

Many of you have by now learned that the Alhagie Momodou Njie, aka BiriBiri --The Indisputable King of Gambian Soccer--passed in Dakar on Sunday, 18th July. It was a Sad day for the Soccer world. Alhagie Momodou Njie is a Naional Hero. An Illustrious Son of our beloved country has Passed on.

Gambian Soccer, Gambia and Soccer fans throughout the Africa Region and in Europe are in mourning with Biri's family. The King of Gambian Soccer--the Legendary Biri-Biri is no more. Your thousands of loyal fans in the Gambia, Africa, Europe and worldwide will Sorely miss you. However, your Legacy as a Titan of African Soccer marches on. It will be with us for ever!

"Biri-Biri signed for Sevilla in 1973, when the Andalusian team, where he would play for five years, was in the second division. He went on to become one of the key figures in Sevilla's promotion to the top flight in the 1974-75 campaign, when he scored 14 goals.

In 109 appearances for Sevilla, Biri-Biri scored 34 goals. "Many players have better statistics in Sevilla's history but few have made such an impact as he Sevilla said on Sunday".

Our deepest condolences to the family of the great Alhagie Momodou Njie for the pain of their loss. Condolences too to the Gambia Football Association and to Gambian Soccer Fans. This is a devastating Loss!

May ALLAH, the All Merciful and the Forgiver, grant Alhagie Momodou Njie--my Star and Hero, Biri-Biri-- the Highest Jannah! Aameen Yarabbih!!

Earlier on 19th July, our highly respected Compatriot #NyangNjie tabled a Motion to name the Independence Stadium after the Legendary Biri-Biri. I moved to second the Motion. I made what I think is a Compelling case why the Soccer Stadium should be renamed after the King of Gambian Soccer. Quoting from my Feedback to Nyang Njie's Post:

I wholeheartedly and Unreservedly Second #the Motion of my esteemed Compatriot #NyangNjie to rename the Independence Stadium after the King of Gambian Soccer, #BiriBiri.

The Titan of Gambian Soccer is an Icon of Gambian History. The gifted and talented Iconic Soccer superstar has set the Gold standard of how the Best of Gambian Soccer should be played

I saw Biri Biri in Action in and outside the Gambia. I was the Gambia's First Soccer Commentator and reported on many of the soccer matches he had played, watching him in awe and admiration, as he mesmerizes players and audience alike from the moment he touches the ball to the Final whistle, heralding his dominance and the ultimate triumph of his Team, courtesy #BiriBiri's display of raw, natural talent and soccer wizardry.

No one comes close to an Example of #BiriBiri--@The King of Gambian Soccer.  During his heyday there were few African players playing in Europe with his skills and technique. He really deserves more recognition and glory in his own country. Biri Biri is among the few African sportsmen, who after excelling in their sport, returned home to contribute in the socio political landscape of their countries. Lest we forget, Biri Biri served as Deputy Mayor of his home city of Banjul, capital of Gambia.

He wins my Vote. This will immortalize this great footballer of all  time. A pride not only to The Gambia but the entire Africa continent. The recognition of his greatness by the continent and the world should start with his own country. Since we are not planning to build a new stadium anytime soon let us give our Bakau Stadium a new significance, the pride and example to the generations to come. National heros must be edified.

Please name the Soccer Stadium after #BIRIBIRI.

Sharing A Special, well-documented Program of Tribute to #BIRIBIRI--The King of Gambian Soccer. It was prepared by a prominent Soccer Commentator in Neighboring Senegal. Narrated in the Woloff language, the Presenter, our own brother ABLAYE DIAW masterfully followed Biri Biri's Journey from the beginning in BANJUL, then called Bathurst in 1963, through other capitals in Africa and Europe and back Home in Banjul.

I obtained this Video from  Ambassador Ebraima  Manneh, Gambian High Commissioner to S/Leone who called him his Paddy and who has been a loyal fan and big brother  of #BIRIBIRI.

I have no doubt that his old team of Sevilla will be just too pleased to participate in this honoring  of their own hero, whom they celebrated a couple of years ago in their own stadium. Gambia should also do something  remarkable and everlasting.

From Sidi Jammeh US A