Political desperation: Recipe for chaos

Jul 27, 2021, 2:10 PM

In recent times, we have seen conflicting and contradictory statements coming from the APRC Party concerning defections, messages from the party leader, and planned demonstration against the TRRC Report expected to be submitted to the President in due course.

One may wish to ask: why did the APRC not protest against the Janneh Commission Report which recommended the seizure of ex-President Jammeh’s assets? Why did the APRC party not protest against the setting up of the TRRC by the government, and why did they not protest during its hearings? The APRC executive should be honest and inform the people about the party’s real intentions in the planned demonstration.

Considering the large size of the party, we do not expect that they are desperate for power and money. The democratic space is open for the party’s participation in the 2021 Elections. The NPP/UDP have been engaged in the war of words in recent months, making it seem like the battle for the next government is between the two of them. The kind of political desperation we are witnessing on the part of these parties is worrisome and could impact negatively on the peace and security of the country.

The political environment is showing a dangerous trend and the political leadership must see it fit to lower the temperature in order to protect the sovereignty of the country and the freedoms and liberties of the Gambian people. The democratic credentials of this government will be tested in the process of the 2021 Elections. It must be very clear in the minds of Gambians and the politicians in particular that no end of desperation will stop the December elections in accordance with the law.

If we make free, peaceful and fair elections impossible, we shall make instability inevitable.

By: D.M. Badjie

Political Scientist/Analyst