Poem : The thorns of Africa

Apr 26, 2022, 12:11 PM | Article By: Muhammed Sidibeh/The Magnetic Poet

I had been shrugging it off.

For decades I have been shrugging it off.

In us, I realized that it’s imbued with mental images;

Translated in real images.

We are made to believe that the black is cursed.

That it is a force

That must be treated with an external force, 

So it will remain accursed.

The tragedy of Africa...

This implanted idea by the so-called masters and their cocky minions

Even in this 21st century keeps ringing in our opinions.

And I vehemently protest against this damn onion.

An African to his fellow:

“He’s black and incompetent. 

His mind is not calculative.”

This is the voice that echoes wherever;

A voice that echoes whenever

And on our fate whatever.

Hello Africa! 

You were slapped by these trampling forces

And you still slap yourself for those forces.

Hello Africa! 

Aren’t you shame about the whole drama without foreshadowing? 

The whole drama without flashbacking?

Hello Africa! 

We have had a spectrum of priorities

Since pre- and post-independence yet we only theorize the theories

Without implementing those enthused theories.

Hello Africa!

For centuries you still can’t be that desired bundle but a stick.

A stick that you know can be broken by another mere stick.

And this is what they use to galvanise the gangs within those sticks.

In all to create cracks and crash your lofty dreams by your own sticks.

Hello Africa! 

Even diamond dealers can’t converse without mentioning your name.

Geographers can’t describe their third-listed planet without mentioning your water bodies’.

Historians can’t narrate the beginning of almost every story without your name.

Scientists can’t succeed in their mission without your goodies.

Yet you keep slumbering at your own peril 

Whilst you know its peril. 

Hello Africa!

Your beloved sons and daughters have been stuck by your tail of shame.

A shame you can shake up but you refuse to shake it off the shame.

Still you wipe their tears’ to rescrub those fresh wounds unashamed.

Hello Africa!

First redefine your manners

Followed by your offspring of thugs’ manners

To better this continent of blessed yearners.

Hello Africa!