Jul 27, 2020, 2:15 PM | Article By: Kebba Nanko 

It is very obvious that healthcare workers on the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak faces a lot of challenges such as long shifts, while worrying about bringing the virus home to loved ones, and even sometimes been stigmatized by the public. As COVID-19 continues to impact our nation, we should now come together to assist each other now ever before.

I would wish to send my appreciation and love for the hard work you're doing to avoid wasting lives. I would like to assure you that each form of health problem, including this pandemic, are temporary and will be gone forever. While most of the people are being told to stay home and to use physical distancing, you are front and center, taking care of those plagued by the COVID 19 virus. With news changing hourly, the particular fact is our health care workers are most affected by the virus doing all their best to ensure that the virus doesn't get out of control.

Unfortunately, most of them are been infected with the virus. I am appealing to fellow Gambians to put aside sentiments and politics and begin praying and motivating our health care workers. If you recognize a nurse or doctor in your neighborhood, thank them and ask if there's something that will be done to makes their lives easier.

Many thanks most for your dedication to helping others in these trying times. As the rise of COVID 19 numbers increasing our health care officers' lives and livelihood are at danger, would adore requiring this chance to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to all healthcare workers working within the Ministry of Health of the Gambia, and private healthcare facilities. The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging, and it's put significant pressure on our healthcare system.

Nevertheless, our healthcare workers still devote their time and energy to contain this pandemic. I Am very humbled by your, invaluable dedication, commitment, and immense sacrifices in managing COVID-19, oftentimes risking your own lives, to save the lives of your fellow citizens, noting is more patriotic than that.

As we witness the rapid increase of coronavirus within the African nation, I wish to thank our nurses and doctors who have played an important role in healthcare service delivery in our beloved nation. I cannot thank you enough for your noble contributions and sacrifices. It's my ardent hope that you simply just will work together in providing the foremost effective healthcare services to our people.

I wish to thank members of the public who have volunteered to help our healthcare workers and other frontline workers. Together, we'll win this battle against COVID-19. I also want to use this opportunity to pray for those who, because of the virus have lost their lives. Exceptionally, I want to pray for the health care workers who gave their lives in the service of the sick.

Not enough words to express my gratitude to all of you battling with this pandemic. I am appealing to the general public to adhere to the guidelines and advice of the ministry of health to protect ourselves and loved ones.

The world was so ill-prepared for this deadly virus, therefore, those peoples that have their heads inside the sand with conspiracy theories and political motivations only serve to form your job harder, but the work you're doing is extremely significant which I, for one, sincerely appreciate it. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!


Kebba Nanko