How to be more resilient and bounce back from setbacks and adversities

Feb 25, 2021, 2:21 PM | Article By: Barrow Touray

She is highly resilient and determined to succeed in her chosen path in life, but is engulfed by a sea of obstacles she must cross to lead her to her destination.

As she strives to set sail on her journey, a strong tidal wave ferociously swirl her in circular motion

After fleeing the terrifying experience, suddenly, she encountered another stumbling block; this time, a starving whale craving to devour her. She vigorously fought tooth and nail to dive past it.

Yet again, she deployed all her strength to form a formidable force by collaborating with her mighty mind, body and soul to resist the untamed whale determined to obstruct her path.

At this point she was visibly shaken by the complications of her uncertain expedition. She started to contemplate what she’s got herself into, and lost complete hope of ever making it. Self-doubt creeps in, but she remained poised and bounced back.

Even while her chances of navigating the river to alight at her final destination is getting seemingly slimmer, she clinged onto  the strong believed that the stumbling blocks on her path will come to pass like the tidal flows come to pass.

No matter how convincingly the odds stack against you, do not write yourself off as Nelson Mandela said, it always seems impossible unless it is done

Super charge your resilience

Just like an anti-virus is crucial for the continued effective performance of a computer resilience is fundamentally crucial to finally end dreaming and enact your goals

J.k Rowling’s author of Harry Potter epitomises a highly resilient person. Her massively successful novel was rejected a whopping 12 times before landing a publishing deal and unveil what was to become one of the bet selling novels of all time

Like any skill, Resilience can be learnt and retained as one of your most valued tools in your tool box. By incorporating the following in your life.

  1. Hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel.
  2. Do not dwell in the past, neither worry about the future. Focus on the nitty gritty of right here, right now.
  3. Self-compassion that you are doing your best, and overtime you will be able to figure out the way forward.
  4. Belief in yourself because even if the whole world believes in you and you do not believe in yourself, you will not make headway.
  5. Count on the Support of supportive family members and friends

Above all to cement all of these, stop comparing yourself with other people as your yardstick to measure your progress.

These are the same principles that carried me through University, striving to bag a degree and succeed in an environment where optimal concentration is the key to absorb, retain and retrieve information in exam and assessments in order to progress from one stage to the next and at the same time suffering from a debilitating on going acute sleep apnoea that negatively impacted on my concentration levels.

Whether you are going through similar experience or not, because the nature of setbacks varies widely from individual to individual depending on your unique circumstance, posed by our challenges, environment, and life experiences.

Stay super Focus

Giving up is not even an option. Every single step no matter how small cumulatively adds up, moving you an inch closer to achieve your goals. That very action you underrated could be the 1% you need to bring your dream to fruition

If you have limitations while standing get on with your life while sitting, if you cannot do it while sitting, do it while lying down, to keep strengthening that resilience muscle and bounce back from setbacks and adversities.