Barrow and the opposition

May 12, 2022, 12:42 PM | Article By: By: D.M. Badjie Political Scientist/Analyst

Reconciliation, unity and peace have been the watch words in the language of many politicians nowadays. While we must acknowledge that these are essential factors in the consolidation of democracy, they must be put in the proper political context to give it meaning in the governance of the country. In political strategy, it is advocated that if you cannot beat your opponent, join him/her and get what you want in government. This is the backdoor entry into the political powerbase of the ruling class.

In the Gambian context, presidential elections were held in 2021 in a free, fair, transparent and credible manner by all accounts. Gambians have overwhelmingly put their trust in NPP candidate Barrow and elected him as President. Despite the verdict of the people, the main opposition parties refused to accept the outcome of the said elections. Then came the 2022 National Assembly elections in which, again, the NPP under the leadership of President Barrow, won a greater number of seats in the assembly. The opposition on this occasion remained mute and extremely disappointed with the outcome.

It could be concluded therefore that from all accounts, the Gambian people have put their trust and confidence in President Barrow to lead the country in the next five years. This is the political reality and the context in which the government of President Barrow will flourish in a democratic dispensation. I believe if the opposition wants unity and peace, they should openly accept the results of the 2021 Presidential Elections and congratulate President Barrow on his victory. This will be a better way to reconciliation than for the President to call on the opposition to have a dialogue to embrace unity.

Anything else other than the public acknowledgement of our electoral system will be considered as political gimmicks and it will be foolhardy to trust the opposition. The nation needs to settle down to work. Gambia has decided.