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Yayeh Instant Transfer Services signs Badibunka as brand ambassador

Mar 29, 2021, 1:00 PM

After a brief absence from the music scene, singer Badibunka bounces back with a signing of a brand ambassador deal with Yayeh Instant Services Ltd.

The Gambian owned money transfer service signs Badibunka to be the face of the business and to promote their services to fans and followers.

The landmark event coincided with the 11 years of operation of the money transfer service, with branches in other countries, including Senegal, Europe and the USA.

“Yayeh Instant Services is a money transfer service that enables people to send money and other financial services from abroad to friends and families in The Gambia, Senegal and elsewhere in Africa. We understand that people find it difficult to receive their money sent by relatives and loved ones. So, Yayeh came on board to make sure the people get their money fast, easy and safe,” Operations Manager Kementang Sissoho said.

As they clock 11 years, the new focus is to uplift their brand to the next level. The company now has local branches all over The Gambia. It’s in that context that the management agrees to adopt a brand ambassador that will help in supporting the brand. Equally, the brand believes in supporting local talent, and promoting Gambian music. Hence a Gambian artist, Badibunka has become the brand ambassador of Yayeh.

Artist Badibunka, at the signing event held at the Yayeh head office in Sere Kunda on Saturday, reacted to the deal with releasing a brand new song, "Yayeh" . The music video was also released to coincide with the signing ceremony over the weekend.

“Yayeh saw lots of artists in The Gambia but chose me because of the hope they have in me. I thank my family, fans and management for their prayers, efforts and patience while I took care of my sick dad, who is now late. I encourage those abroad to start sending money through Yayeh because they are fast, reliable and offer less charges,” Badibunka said.