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WACOMP launches new Innovative Platform in West Coast Region

Aug 2, 2022, 11:00 AM | Article By: Lobbeh Jallow

West Africa Competitiveness Program (WACOMP) recently launched a new initiative dubbed 'Project’s Innovative Platform/Network of Value Chain Actors' in the West Coast Region.

WACOMP is an EU funded project hosted by United Purpose, The Gambia and implemented by Trust Agency For Rural Development (TARUD) in The West Coast Region.  The project is designed to boost vegetable production in The Gambia, with a primary focus on promoting onion, tomato, pepper, orange and sweet potato production. 

TARUD is the implementing partner to WACOMP project in the West Coast Region and it is currently working with 30 vegetable gardeners in 30 different communities across the region.

However, the project primary focus is to increase competitiveness and an enhanced quality onion production in chosen communities.

Henceforth, this innovative platform will bring together actors in vegetable production, trading and consumption to discuss ways forward and design a sustainable linkage that would connect all actors and keep  them informed about issues surrounding vegetable production, most importantly onion.

Welcoming the gathering, Musa Saho, Alkalo of Sibanor, underscored the importance of the project, further lamenting on market space for vendors, who come from all over Foni.

This, he added, has posed challenges to some especially those who come from far away communities.

He thus appealed to sponsors to help them expand the market to meet the growing need of the people of the areas.

This, he believes, would help women greatly in marketing their produce in their own community.

Baye Jabang, from TARUD said the initiative would enable and make life easier for people especially those from far away communities.

TARUD is a recognized, respectable and forward-driven organization that creates avenues for rural farmers to harness their know-how on crucial issues relevant to individual and collective development. It also creates and upholds sustainable livelihood initiatives and empowers communities to be independent in all aspects.