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Trans Africa Tele Clinic in Gambia Commissioned

Aug 3, 2022, 11:44 AM | Article By: Sulayman Waan

The Trans Africa Clinic, a modern tele clinic with advanced medical apparatus has been launched in The Gambia to provide proper medical examination and consultation for the public.

The clinic will also be conducting consultancy services for outpatients as well as providing healthcare education to the public.

The clinic will collaborate with the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH), and other local clinics, who will admit patents of the tele clinic in their various health facilities.

It also has international partners in USA, Morocco and United Kingdom.

The international partners will support the clinic in medical consultation and evacuation of patients for overseas treatment. The foreign partners will also help the clinic to treat patients with critical conditions.

In her launch statement, Zianab Dumbuya, founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Trans Africa Tele Clinic, said the clinic aims to provide high quality healthcare to all the public regardless of their economic status and to improve their lives through holistic care.

“You will agree with me that healthcare infrastructure in The Gambia like the rest of Africa are significantly lacking in comparison to western countries."

 In view of that fact, she indicated that it is therefore important people are educated to learn from western achievements, to replicate the success to Africa.

 She noted that to address the need for a quality diagnostic and tele health clinic for the proper treatment, management, and prevention of diseases, they commissioned the clinic. 

The clinic, she added, is also meant to build a robust healthcare system that is affordable, accessible and sustainable.

“My company aims to provide a new standard of healthcare to the citizens and non-citizens throughout The Gambia in collaboration with the government of The Gambia.”

Giving an overview of the clinic, Dr. Lamin E.S. Jaiteh, cardiologist at Trans Africa Tele Clinic, said the clinic is aimed at providing quality healthcare to all patients.

The clinic, he added, does local consultation using advance medical apparatus to examine patients, noting that with other patients with critical condition that is beyond their standard, they would engage their international partners using televise consultation.

"In situation where the clinic has a patient who requires overseas treatment, we will talk to our international partners to facilitate urgent evacuation to Europe, Morocco or USA."

Mustapha Yaffa, participant commended the CEO of the clinic for her foresight in working towards helping Gambians in ensuring quality health care services.