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Taking That Bold Step: Touma Njie says she will go for the leadership of PPP

Sep 4, 2020, 3:19 PM

Overconfident Touma Njie has announced that she has made a decision to go for the leadership of her party, the People’s Progressive Party, which could see the Banjul South national assembly member depose Papa Njie.

 Mrs Njie made the announcement on her official Touma Banjul South NAM Facebook page on Wednesday. She wrote: “From seclusion trying to heal, I made decision. Serving my people is a conviction. I have taken the decision that women need to take that bold step. I have thus decided after discussion with family members and friends that I’ll go for the leadership of my party the PPP. “I have the determination, I have ability and by the grace of the Almighty I’ll have the necessary support of the people. If she makes good on her decision, it could make her the second woman to publicly express interest in running for president”.

Source: Fatou Network

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