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Statement of the Cuban Medical Brigade in The Gambia against immoral campaign of the US

Apr 7, 2020, 1:15 PM

The Cuban Medical Brigade (BMC) in The Gambia rejects the immoral and discredited campaign carried out by the US regime against the medical solidarity aid that Cuba offers to different countries of the world, in the midst of the crisis due to the pandemic of the COVID-19.

Despite the cruel and prolonged blockade that for almost 60 yearsWashington imposes, our small Caribbean island demonstrates its

commitment to international solidarity by sending its doctors to combat this terrible epidemic in the affected countries.

It also constitutes a genocidal act that has been prevented by the US blockade that a donation from China came to Cuba to combat COVID-19. Once again the brutal empire of the North shows its true face.

From The Gambia we reaffirm our commitment to international solidarity.

Our doctors and health personnel will be on the front line of combat facing that silent and apparent faceless enemy that it is COVID-19.

Again we reiterate our rejection to the interference and interest of the US in attacking and harassing the medical cooperation of the largest of the Antilles under unfounded excuses, and for political purposes.

With that media campaign and harassment against our collaborators the discredited regime of President Donald Trump only seeks to tarnish the altruistic and solidary labor carried out by Cuba, and constitutes not only an offensive act against our country, but also against the rest of the world.

Cuba will continue to send doctors and not bombs to the world.

Go ahead our Titans of the White Robes, humanity is waiting for us.

Long live solidarity!

Long live Cuba!

Down with the blokade!

Cuban Medical Brigade in The Gambia

Banjul, April 3, 2020