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SGSA sensitises Sare Gubu residents in Rights, Antenatal Care Services, others

Jan 7, 2022, 12:52 PM | Article By: Sulayman Waan

Sare Gubu Students’ Association (SGSA), a community based organisation of Sare Gubu Basiru village in Sandu District, Upper River Region (URR) on Saturday 1 January 2022 sensitised residents of Sare Gubu village on rights, freedom and duties of citizens as well as antenatal care services and the effects of delayed access to antenatal care. 


The organisation also enlightened residents on the importance of trees in the environment, livestock rearing and preached to participants Islam. The annual event aims at raising awareness of residents on crosscutting issues in the society.

Alhagie Lori Bah, Sare Gubu Basiru village head commended participants for attending the annual event. He described the forum as significant in enlightening residents and satellite villages on the above-mentioned topics.

Muhammed S. Bah, President for SGSA thanked residents of Sare Gubu Diaspora, women and partners of SGSA for supporting the organisation on the smooth implementation of the annual activity. He also thanked sponsors for supporting the organization financially.

 “The origination aims to give back to the community. Each will use his or her expertise to enlighten residents. One person cannot do it alone; therefore, we deem it necessary to use the organisation to give back to our community,” he said. 

Ousman Darboe, senior programme officer at the Department of Health Promotion and Education, Ministry of Health who presented on antenatal care service said women should have series of medical check-up before being pregnant and visit health facilities frequently during pregnancy.

“If you are pregnant, you should rush to health facilities,” he added.

 Darboe, who doubled as guest speaker urged husbands to always accompany their spouses to healthcare centers to ensure they know their wives’ health status.  

“To ensure safe delivery; pregnant women should have good balance diet,” he noted.

Speaking on behalf of women, Haja Aljuma Bah commended SGSA for organising the annual event, and thanked the village women for contributing immensely towards the development of community.

“Anytime an activity is initiated in the village, the women would work as expected to ensure it’s successfully implementation,” she said.

Presenting on rights, freedom and duties of a citizen, Tijan B. Bah, law student at The University of The Gambia said: “The Gambian Constitution mandated every person of aged eighteen (18) and with stable mind to have the right to a voter’s card and all relevant documents.”

He further said such people have the right to vote and be voted for in all forms of elections. “Every person has the right to be educated and educate his or her children,” Bah told participants.  

Ousman D. Bah, treasurer of SGSA advised Sare Gubu youth to acquire skills and work in the country. This, he said would enable the youth to attain their goals in their own motherland.

“One can achieve his or her targets in the country; therefore, if any person sees an opportunity in the country try to grab it rather than travelling,” he advised.

Saidal Ali Bah, social secretary for SGSA cum veterinary officer sensitised livestock owners to care for their animals and protect them against disease and added that about 26% of Gambian cattle are infected with Contagious Bovina Pleuropneumonia (CBPP). He lamented livestock officials have found it difficult to erase the disease.

“There is a greater need for cattle owners to isolate infected cattle in order to protect the rest of the cattle,” the veterinary officer advised.

Presenting on importance of trees, Alhagie S. Bah, a teacher called on residents to protect the trees in the environment, saying trees are essential to human survival. 

Bah, a professional teacher advised all and sundry to minimise deforestation and continually embark on tree planting. 

“Trees serve as windbreakers, provide food, and ensure effective rainfall,” he said.