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Senegambia is divided by colonial powers…UTG vice chancellor

May 20, 2021, 12:10 PM | Article By: Isatou Ceesay- Bah

The vice Chancellor of The University of The Gambia has told the visiting Senegalese delegation from Universite Assane Seck De Ziguinchor that The Gambia and Senegal do not only shared similar cultures, but also family ties, languages and geographic space.

Prof. Dr. Faqir Muhammad Anjum, was speaking on Tuesday at a day’s Peacebuilding Seminar convened by the University of The Gambia.

He maintained that the people in the two countries are the same people divided by colonial powers but still inseparable by all standards.

Prof. Dr. Anjum acknowledged that the proximity of the two countries and the similarities in their people would be enough reasons to suggest that a partnership between the two universities would be of paramount importance.

“Exchange of faculty and students, sharing of resources and collaboration on academic ventures could easily be facilitated. Therefore, I emphasize that UTG is ready for a partnership with Assane Secka University not only for the benefit of the two universities, but also the two countries as well.” Dr. Faqir charged.

The visiting delegation from the Senegal University, which includes its vice Chancellor and five other senior management staff, are in the country to strengthen the ties between the two higher institutions of learning.

Professor Alassane Diatta, vice recteur Chargé de la Recherche, de La Coopération et des Relations avec le monde Professionnel Ancien doyen UFR Sante, Universite Assane Seck, said the objective of their visit is to build collaboration between the two universities under the purview of conference of directors and to exchange best practices so that the two universities can derive from more benefits and maximise efforts to forge ahead.

“We want to base this collaboration to be part of a conference of directors, first on training so that each university can present the different training they have and that will let us know what we have a lot in common and that training can be shared.”

The second component of this conference of directors, he added, is research to enable different research teams to make presentations to exchange ideas and best teaching methods.

“We are dealing with the same societal issues and the outcome will be solutions to the challenges that our societies are facing. It is bizarre that the Gambian and Senegalese researchers do not communicate to know what is in the two countries because of two much focus on the outside world, whereas both countries face the same problem.” Professor Diatta added.

Professor Diatta expressed optimism that the conference of the Vice Chancellors would harmonise all resources for the better management of the challenges faced by the two countries, with staff change and even human resources.

In another development, the University of The Gambia will host Military Officers from the Command and Staff College of Nigeria.