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Months after Dec. 4th election victory, Senegalese duo trek to congratulate Pres. Barrow

Apr 27, 2022, 11:29 AM | Article By: Ali Jaw

Almost four months after President Barrow’s landslide victory in December 4th polls, two young Senegalese have walked from Vellingara in Senegal to Banjul to congratulate President Adama Barrow on his election victory.

The duo, Samba Sy and Pap Kalidou Baldeh, left Senegal on the 29th of March at 6 o'clock, and it took them 13 days to arrive in Banjul, arriving on the 13th of April.

"Our initiative of walking from Senegal to Banjul to congratulate and commend his Excellency President Adama Barrow is because we have great elation and happiness, because if you look at it, the early leaders of Senegal and The Gambia refused to cooperate and work together as one," said Samba Sy.

"However, with the election of President Adama Barrow and President Macky Sall, they have been cooperating as one. Senegal and Gambia are one. None can go and leave the other. Today Gambians are residing in Senegal with freedom and Senegalese are also residing in The Gambia with absolutely freedom. This is a great accomplishment.”

He added; "Since his election into office, President Adama Barrow has brought democracy in The Gambia and has also accepted to cooperate and work together with President Macky Sall. He struggled to ensure that the bridge at Farafenni is built. It is not a hidden fact that in those days, cars will at times be waiting for 7 days to cross to come into Gambia or to go to Senegal," he alluded.

Sy acknowledged that the two leaders (Adama Barrow and Macky Sall) have worked to ensure a smooth relationship between Gambia and Senegal, because these two countries are the same family; no one can divide them into two.

"That is what we the youth of Vellingara are happy about. That is why I and my this brother said the only way we can pay this is to express our support and appreciation and pay him (President Adama Barrow) homage, because he sees our President, Macky Sall, just like his friend, just like his brother, likewise Macky Sall as well. This is a benefit to the population of both countries. That is why we said it worth it for us to walk from Senegal to Banjul to pay our homage."

Pap Kalidou Baldeh, who is the second youngster stated; "Now there is really peace between Gambia and Senegal. If you see that we walked from Senegal to the Gambia without any problems, it is really because there is peace.”

He reiterated that the two leaders are really doing great job, but urged them to double their efforts to foster greater development in the Senegambia sub-region.

"They should remember those at the rural communities as well. We passed through there and they have given us their messages. We have seen great work by President Adama Barrow, but there is a lot more to be done."

The duo thanked the Gambian village Alkalolu they met on the way, saying they did not encountered much problems, because each village they passed, they were well received by the Alkalolu, where in most cases they ate and spent the night.

"We are also thanking the press and commending you for your work. You could have said that we are not citizens of The Gambia, but you did not do that. You received and treated us well."

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