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Meet Fatoumatta Saidykhan: Emerging entrepreneur in the making 

Oct 7, 2021, 12:13 PM | Article By: Isatou Ceesay-Bah

Many who come into contact with her perhaps knew her as a practicing journalist in the past. In this day and age, people tend to focus more on areas that augur well in their respective endeavour.

Fatoumatta Saidykhan commonly known as the Shea Butter Lady is a young emerging entrepreneur making waves in the country.

The 29 year-old journalist turned entrepreneur, a resident of Wellingara, now is deeply into business sector dealing in various products mainly, shea butter products, body cream, hair Cream and the kid’s body lotion.

In an interview with The Point, Miss Saidykhan revealed that she started her business two years ago, after having in mind the need to engage into something useful.

“I then came up with a business idea and my mind clicked on the shea butter. I used the shea butter on my skin and realized the benefits. So I decided to start processing it. I use natural ingredients to make it softer for use.”

The business, she added, is doing well thanks to the positive feedbacks she is getting from her customers.

“I am getting more customers every time and they always said my products make their body smoother and healthier and its helps a lot with the hair growth” she added

As the business was booming, a friend advised her to register her business at the AG’s Chambers and when she successfully did that, it was then she knew that it was real business.

Running a business brand name ‘Yayi Uthman Beauty Solution’ the 29 year-old then started attending business trainings and trade fairs, which she said, gave her another advantage to markets her products.

She, however, lamented challenges she is currently faces, saying some Gambians don’t value their own products.

“They will rather patronise foreign products and goods than African made. And packaging materials are also expensive in The Gambia. I am praying to have my own shea butter company, where I will distribute my products in the market and also employ other young people. That dream can only come as reality when we get support from the Gambian people and the Government and stakeholders”