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Media Advisory President Barrow Fulfils Promise to UTG Students’ Union

Oct 7, 2021, 12:18 PM

State House, Banjul, 6th October 2021: President Adama Barrow today presented two new buses to the Council of the University of the Gambia Students’ Union during a brief ceremony at the State House in Banjul. 

Handing over the keys to the student representatives, President Barrow called on them to maintain peace and stability for the country’s development. “If there was no peace in the country, we could not have been standing here to do this presentation,” said President Barrow. 

President Barrow urged the students to focus on their education to prepare themselves better as future leaders. He assured them of his government’s commitment to education as a top priority. Highlighting his confidence in the country’s youths, President Barrow is hopeful that the next president after him will come from among the young. He cited former President Jawara’s address to school children during the Independence Day celebration at McCarthy Square in 1979, calling on young people to prepare for the country’s future leaders.

President Barrow said he was among those students, but little did he know that “a poor boy from Mangkamang Kunda” would be one of the country’s future Presidents.

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