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MDI students embark on field trip to Basse bridge

Jan 5, 2021, 2:17 PM

Post-graduate Diploma students of the Management Development Institute (MDI) alongside their tutors from University of The Gambia and MDI recently embarked on a field trip to the much-talked about Basse Bridge currently under construction in Upper River Region.

At the project site, Mr Mike Feng, a consultant and team leader of the China Aid Project of the Road and Bridges in URR, received the students with their tutors at the site, who later led them on a conducted tour of the facility.

At the bridge, the students were first guided to a platform nearby, where the whole length of the bridge could be seen within view.

Looking from a distance at the platform, the students were amazed by the beauty and majesty of the bridge, standing highly and silently over the slow-moving Gambian river, connecting transport at both ends.

Mr Feng informed the visiting students that the project is a China grant project, a concrete practice of the consensus between the Heads of States of the two countries, with a view to enhancing people’s life in Upper River Region of the country.

The project, he added, had been strictly monitored and inspected to follow the related standards, ensuring that a high-quality road and bridges would be handed over to the Gambian people.

He also expressed gratitude to the Ministry of Works, National Road Authority, the URR Governor’s Office and other stakeholders for their huge support given to the project.

After the platform, the students were led up to the bridge deck to check out the work and view on the bridge.

The insightful field trip came to an end, following the tour across the bridge, where students and tutors gathered a lot regarding the real experience of the project.

At the end, the visiting students expressed gratitude to the project team, for the warm reception and the hard work of the Chinese team against the hot climate in URR as well as the selfless help being rendered to the Gambian people.