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Inferno consumes over half a million dalasis in Bakau shop

Jun 28, 2022, 1:07 PM | Article By: Lamin Gibba

A blazing fire has ravaged a shop in Bakau Faro Kono belonging to one Ebrahim Bah, consuming a total of over D650,000 (Six hundred and fifty Thousand Dalasis) plus other monies there were given to shop owner for safe keeping.

The incident, which occurred on Tuesday between the hours of 2:57 to 3:00 am, burnt everything inside the shop such as bags of rice, sugar, onions, 5 mobile phones and other valuable materials.

According to eye witness, the inferno was caused by electric spark.

Speaking to this reporter, Ebrahim Bah, shop owner and breadwinner of the family, said the fire started as a result of electricity that was going on-and-off as it was raining at the time.

“So I decided to close the shop to relax because the following day was supposed to be my naming ceremony.”

When the fire started, he explained that, they immediately contacted The Gambia Fire and Rescue Services, but before GFRS arrived at the scene, the inferno had consumed almost everything in the house.

The firefighters, he added, also did well as their intervention was able to control the blazing inferno from spreading to other buildings in the compound.

The fire, he said, started from the meter, which then spread and later engulfed the whole shop.

Bah further appealed to the government, the NGO community, individuals and philanthropist to come to his aid.

Anyone willing to help Ebrahim Bah can reach him on the following numbers 3247973/2249174.