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High velocity windstorm uproots Nuimi FM Antenna

Sep 6, 2021, 2:21 PM

A high velocity windstorm on Friday 3rd September 2021 uprooted Niumi FM Radio Station antenna.

The windstorm swept through the premises of the radio in Essau, North Bank Region (NBR), and its surrounding compounds uprooting and disrupting the power supply in the area.

The storm, with a wind speed exceeding 60 kph, was accompanied by a heavy downpour.

Trees were also uprooted, fences collapsed, and compounds damaged in some places.

Some residents complained that power supply in many vicinities remained disrupted for nearly sixteen (16) hours.

In the morning, villagers were seen clearing several roads of uprooted trees and branches.

Ousman A. Marong, General Manager (GM), Nuimi FM when contacted to shed light on the damage said: “This was a test on us (Nuimi FM). Such natural phenomenon from God cannot be questioned by any one of us. These are our trying times and I want to believe that God is testing our faith. We have been hit hard for the past two months either by a bolt of lightning or windstorm. In God, we trust, and ‘In Shaa Allah’ the highest will save me together with my staff in these our trying moments. This is the third time that we are forced by nature to go off air”.

Marong narrated that the first time they went off air was caused by a bolt of lightning which disconnected the radio's signal.

He called on NGOs and philanthropists to come to their aid.

He added that his radio station is the only rural commercial radio doing the much-needed radio sensitisation as well as reporting on current happenings.

“We are in a year of election and rural radios have vital role to play in which my radio station is not left behind in the crusade,” he concluded.