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Happy Africa Liberation Day to all Gambians and Africa as a whole. Long live Africa

May 27, 2021, 12:50 PM

The president’s speech is better late than never. However, he came out under the mounting pressure from concern citizens who are constantly at the mercy of thieves and arm robbers. The speech lacks empathy for the president is not victim sensitive.

The president’s lack of wisdom and concern for citizens made him ignore the victims of these criminals some of whom were killed and others lost their properties.
Like I repeated say, these criminals are happy and comfortable because the security of the country is not the priority of the president and his government. His eye is on re-elections and that is what is dominating his attention, time and resources.

The fact that he has the ECOMIG,President Barrow claimed he is more secured than Jammeh. A smart leader wouldn’t say this. A good leader will say my citizens are more secured rather than him concern about only his safety.

The president was under pressure to read something he doesn’t believe in. He is not serious and therefore nobody takes him seriously.
Mc Cham jnr
National Youth president GDC

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