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Greening inner city of Banjul project launched 

Dec 15, 2020, 12:27 PM | Article By: Fatou Dem 

The City Link Ostend-Banjul also known as Future Proof Banjul last Saturday launched its tree planting exercise dubbed ‘greening the inner city of Banjul’.

City Link Ostend-Banjul partnership for sustainable city development is funded by European Union under the 2018 EuropeAid called Authorities: partnership for sustainable cities.

The project seeks to beautify the city landscape, thereby mitigating the adverse effects of climate change and preventing coastal erosion and desertification.

Under the greening Banjul component of the project, one of the planned activities is the planting of 5000 coconut trees on the beach of the capital.

Alfusainey Gano, project manager of Future Proof Banjul, said under the component of the project, they want to transform Crab Island into a centre of excellence and make some development in the city.

This, he said, is threatened by coastal erosion, as Banjul is an Island. “We have to protect it.”

The European Union, he said, is supporting Banjul to improve city waste management and accessible health care in the hospital in Banjul. 

Ostend City coordinator from Belgium, Jonas Scnerrens thanked the team for the tremendous work they are doing.

The tree planting, he added, is very important and it will beautify the city in the next few years. “Trees can live much longer than human beings.”

Omar B. Touray, deputy Mayor of Banjul encouraged the youth to take ownership of the project, further thanking the EU for such support.