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GRCS visits project sites and operations

Nov 24, 2020, 12:11 PM | Article By: Emmanuel Adomako

The Gambia Red Cross Society recently embarked on a 5-day monitoring site visits to assess ongoing development at its project sites in the country.

Ongoing activities at its project sites include, the Covid-19 response activities (surveillance, RCCE, contact tracing) women’s garden project in the Lower River region as well as bore drilling and construction in Central River and Upper River regions.

Ebrima Cole, managing director of Swe-Gam and contractor for the Kandonko and Kanilai projects in the West Coast Region, said the solar water system in the two villages was signed in October 2020 and the contract will finish in January 2021.

 The two projects are estimated at three million dalasis, noting that those projects are meant to help develop and transform the living conditions of people in these settlements.

Alasan Senghore, secretary general of The Gambia Red Cross Society, acknowledged that they are a humanitarian and development organization, saying among their aims, they identify and solve the needs of the people.

The Japanese Red Cross, he added, is funding the project.

“The Gambia Red Cross Society has been in existence since 1965. Since then, we have been doing a lot of projects like helping to curb and help disaster victims and people in crises and now working on the water and garden projects.”

He noted that in Kandonko village in the Fonis, the Gambia Red Cross Society has a project that focuses on helping women and their gardens through the construction of a solar-powered water supply system.

Also, the locals have spoken highly of these life-changing projects, acknowledging that the women in the area lacked this kind of support in their gardens.

The alkalo of the village appealed to the volunteers of The Gambia Red Cross Society to help them with water for household consumption, saying the already existing one is small and serves fewer compounds.