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Gambian Young Muslims Launch New Islamic Federation

May 4, 2021, 12:07 PM | Article By: Sulayman Waan

A group of Gambian youths from two different Islamic youth organisations on Saturday launched a new Islamic federation dubbed Federation of Gambia Muslim Youths (FEGAMY) at Gambia Supreme Islam Council’s (GSIC) premises.

The Federation of Gambia Muslim Youths (FEGAMY) was formed following the congress of the Assembly of Gambia Muslim Youths (AGAMY) and Federation of Gambia Muslims Students’ Organization (FEGAMSO) in 2019.

A resolution that meant to amalgamate the duo organisations was tabled before members of both organisations and debated before its final adoption.

FEGAMY seeks to represent all Gambian Muslims youth and to bring mutual understanding and collaboration among different Islamic youth organisations. 

It is also aimed at promoting and propagating Islam, thereby promoting moral and academic excellence in The Gambia.  

Speaking at the launch, Bakary Y. Badjie, minister of Youth and Sports commended members of the two organisations for their foresight in amalgamating the two organisations with a common objective. 

Minister Badjie acknowledged that the two organisations have contributed immensely to uplifting morality and academic excellence for many youth in the country. 

“The reality has been manifested among the membership in different aspects of life.”

He expressed optimism that the amalgamation would add value and substance to their previous achievements, saying unity is strength. “The reality of the world today requires such,” he said.

Minister Badjie said government is concerned about the welfare of Gambian youths as key drivers of peace and sustainable development.

Pa Samba Secka, vice president of FEGAMY said the organisation is built in line with religious tolerance that is meant to strengthen the already peaceful co-existence between Muslims and non-Muslims in the country. “Islam is religion of peace,” he said.

Mariama Touray, secretary of the Amalgamation Committee of two organisations, recalled that the idea of amalgamating the two Muslims youth organisations was tabled before members of both organisations in 2013 in a bid to form a federation that would represent the interest of Muslims youth in the country.

She said that an amalgamation committee was formed last year, which met at GSIC conference hall and underwent second review and amendments as part of the amalgamation process.

The meeting, she added, availed participants the opportunity to further scrutinise the constitution to avoid future flouts.

Touray revealed that the final constitutional review was again held on November 8, 2020, where the constitution was finally adopted and the federation formed.