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Gambia-Cuba: 42 years of solidarity and mutual cooperation

May 17, 2021, 12:24 PM | Article By: By Rubén G. Abelenda (*)

On May 19th, Gambia and Cuba will celebrate 42 years of the establishment of their diplomatic relations, based from the beginning on the precepts of friendship, solidarity and mutual cooperation.

While it is true that Cuba has selflessly collaborated with the Gambia in the health spheres, in the training of professionals in medicine and in other areas, in addition to agriculture, it is also a reality that the people and authorities of this nation of the West Africa have been with the largest of the Antilles on all international stages.

Currently, around 150 doctors, bachelors of Nursing and Health Technology among others make up the Medical Brigade (BMC) of the Caribbean island to The Gambia who provide humanitarian services in different regions of this country; they have been doing so for more than two decades.

Similarly, Cuban professors who are members of the BMC teach classes at the Banjul Medical University, as part of the collaboration in the training of future doctors, not only Gambians but also from other African States, a project that was pioneered here and is soon to reach 25 years of its creation.

Recently, last January, and in accordance with the intention of continuing to strengthen bilateral ties, both countries signed a sports agreement that in the near future will allow collaboration in this area.

The Gambia has accompanied Cuba in its fight against the blockade imposed by the US until today, both in the UN General Assembly and in the African Union (AU), supporting resolutions that reject and demand an end to this cruel and aggressive Washington policy.

In the same way, it has done and does in other international stages support the Antillean archipelago, as signs of solidarity and brotherhood.

Saying that you are Cuban in The Gambia is automatically receiving expressions of affection, respect and unlimited gratitude that really move you.

Mentioning the historical leader of the Revolution of the Caribbean nation, Fidel Castro, and the Heroic Guerrilla, Ernesto Che Guevara, is as if they both ride forever through these lands, because of the affection they profess for them.

We are sure that The Gambia and Cuba, two small nations with scarce natural resources, but with great dignity, will eternally celebrate the anniversaries of the establishment of their diplomatic relations, which will undoubtedly be increasingly intense.

And it is that the two peoples are united by blood, historical and cultural ties that make them brothers forever.

Congratulations Gambia for this May 19th, and for Africa Day, the coming May 25th.

(*) Ambassador of Cuba in The Gambia 

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