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After decades of poor water supply, Darusalam village gets new borehole

Jul 15, 2021, 2:24 PM | Article By: Sulayman Waan

After decades of inadequate access to safe and potable drinking water in Darusalam village in the Sami District, CRR /North, residents in the village are now rejoicing with the recent commissioning of a new borehole, thanks to the intervention of philanthropist, who wants to remain anonymous.

It could be recalled that on 23rd April, 2021, The Point Newspaper ran a story with the headline: “Darusalam lacks safe, clean drinking water, dead snakes often found in the well. In the said article, the residents of the village bitterly complained over what they called ‘lack of safe and clean drinking water in the community’.

The residents before were fetching water from a 55-metre deep local well using a pulley. The water drawn from this well was used for domestic purpose, as well as a drinking point for livestock in the area.

However, following The Point publication of the said article, an anonymous donor immediately has stepped forward, expressing concern over the poor state of water affecting the rural settlement.

He then deployed a borehole drilling contractor to make a survey of the settlement and provide him with a report.

Few weeks later, the philanthropist sponsored the village with a new borehole worth several hundred thousand dalasi.

“I do not like giving someone something in confidence and then turn around to announce what was given,” the philanthropist said.

 However, the anonymous donor did not allow the reporter to indicate the project’s cost on the story.

Adama Jobe, chairman for Darusalam Village Development Committee (VDC), hailed the donor for his foresight and efforts in providing the residents with sufficient clean and safe drinking water.

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