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African descendants holds symposium on Transatlantic Slave Trade

Jun 3, 2021, 12:52 PM

The event, held at Paradise Suites Hotel, was designed to share knowledge and to deliberate on automatic citizenship and private members bill.

In an interview with journalists, Nyancho Kujabie CEO and founder of Blaxit emphasized the importance of the day’s symposium, which she said, is meant to reflect on their glorious past and achievement as well as their painful past and history, when their ancestors were forcefully taken out from their natural place of origin.

“Many were taken from West Africa including The Gambia which is my family history. We will also look at the financial benefits of unification and that is very important that we look at how we can work and harmoniously improve all of our lives. So it’s really about having that symbiotic relationships.” she added.

CEO Kujabie, who is also secretary of COAD, highlighted the need to create more awareness, saying there is need to look at solution as there are injustices and ignorance about coming-home.

“So we have to create that fertile environment in people’s mind and to make them understand that we are the same people. We found ourselves in a situation where we are discriminated against by the virtue of the fact that our ancestors went through the transatlantic salve trade.”

She indicated that the symposium in general is to educate, share thoughts and create new ideas moving forward about their integration and assimilation.

Nyancho Kujabie acknowledged the fact that they have to go through their ‘own’ initiation, but that the process has to be created by their brothers and sisters.

“So this symposium is all about our brothers and sisters and our lawmakers to have that smooth transition.”

Sulayman Saho, National Assembly Member (NAM) for Central Baddibou described the day as an important one in the annals of Gambians and those living in the Diaspora. “Transatlantic Slave Trade is known to many and we felt it necessary to bring different stakeholders. Before you diagnose a problem you have to know the history of the problem. People need to know why our brothers and sisters left the shores of Africa to Europe. It was not on their own will and this is call family reunion.”

Saho enumerated on the positive contribution African descendant are making in the country, saying they need to be recognised as potential investors.

The event saw presentations on different topics by renowned Gambian speakers and those from abroad.

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